Leopard in the House!!

This unexpected event took place in a private home within a reserve that borders the Kruger National Park.

One early morning a very old male leopard by the name of “one-eye” decided to explore a bit further in search of food than he normally did. Instead of looking for animals to hunt in the bush, he obviously thought he chances of catching something would be better in the residence of one of the local game rangers.
The ranger’s wife who was home at the time, left the house for 2 minutes and upon returning was absolutely shocked to see a leopard walking out of the house with one of their two pet bull terriers in its mouth! So in a space of just 2 minutes the leopard had walked into their home, killed both of their bull terriers and was on his way out to enjoy his meal elsewhere.
The room where the dogs were killed was the same room where the owner’s two-year-old baby normally slept. Fortunately for them the baby was not in the room at the time. Unfortunately the leopard was destroyed as they couldn’t take the chance of the leopard coming back to look for more.

This just goes to show you just how powerful and lethal a leopard really is, even if it is old.

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