Eat and be eaten

A few years ago I worked with a ranger that had one of the most out of the ordinary sightings while out on a game drive.
I won't mention what the game rangers' name is, so I'll just call him Mike.
Mike had just left the lodge for the early morning game drive and was driving along the boundary fence of the game reserve. In the distance along the fence they could see a big male Lion, the Lion had killed something and was busy eating it. The question was, what was it? Whatever he was eating was pure white in colour.
As Mike approached the Lion he then could see that it was feasting on the chef of their Lodge!

The chef apparently had been stealing meat from the lodge and would then walk through the bush to give it to his friends on the other side of the fence. He obviously chose the wrong night to do this as the Lion probably followed the scent of the meat until he found the chef and then made a meal of him.

Moral of the story: DON'T STEAL!!

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