Horrifying Black Rhino Poach

About 8 years a go I met a guy that worked for an anti-poaching unit in the Kruger Park region. He told me about a poaching incident, so horrifying that I then really realized that poachers have no feelings whatsoever for the animals that they slaughter.

A group of poachers with AK 47’s in hand went into one of the game reserves, obviously in search of Rhino. They came across a female Black Rhino that had a 2-week-old calf by her side. They then shot the mother, killing her (hopefully quickly). The calf out of fear then ran off to get away. The poachers cut off the mothers’ horns and then being as greedy as they were, went looking for the little calf. The calf had run into a watering hole, probably for safety but then got stuck in some thick mud.

A Rhino calf of such a young age does not really have much of a horn. It only has a very small bump on the nose where the horn starts to grow. The poachers never the less wanted the horn and when they found the calf stuck and unable to get away they just cut the horn out with out even shooting the calf!!

How can we help animals like Rhino and Elephant from being poached?
Donate money to Wildlife organizations so they can put as many anti-poaching units as possible out there to help catch these brutal poachers.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Poaching makes my blood boil. More so when I hear stories like the one you have just posted. We can't afford to lose anymore Rhinos or any other of the critically endangered animals. I want my children to grow up and know these animals still are around. Great post.

Fani said...

Are there still black rhinos at Kruger ?

If someone can kill an animal so easily ...be sure that he can kill easily everyone too ...They are just maniac serial killers ...

Cats said...

This is sooooo very horrible. There should be very tough laws and rigorous punishments for poachers. They are heartless criminals - plain and simple.

African Safari Stories said...

Hi Fani

There are about 400 Black Rhino in the Kruger.