Strange & Funny Questions

All the questions below are 100% true even if you don't believe so. These are questions that myself and other rangers have been asked while on game drives and on bush-walks.

1) Do Giraffe hunt in packs?
2) Do Rhino's have nests in trees?
3) Do Rhino eat meat?
4) How many eggs do Hippo lay?
5) Is that mother a female?
6) Do you find animals on the left-hand side of the road?
7) Why are Elephants big?
8) Why does the Buffalo have a light-grey colour around its' rectum?
9) Do you think we will see a Tiger today?
10) What is that!? Answer: Its' the Elephants' penis.


Meghashyam Chirravoori said...

ha ha!

Is that mother a female? And What's that (for the Elephant) were ludicrous!

Do Giraffe's hunt in packs was also nice. I actually laughed as I read!


Anonymous said...

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