The Brave Hyena

One morning while out on a game drive in the Kruger National Park, we decided to take a coffee and leg-stretch break. I parked the Land Rover in the shade of a large Weeping Boer Bean tree in the middle of a beautiful open plain.

While sipping away on our coffees and nibbling on the rusks my tracker noticed a dark shaded figure in the distance, moving slowly down the road towards us.

As it got closer we noticed it was a Spotted Hyena! My guest’s first reaction was to jump into the Land Rover to get out of harm’s way, but before they did this I told them there was no need to do that as the hyena was on its own and would be no threat to us. Gradually the hyena got closer and closer.

It was very well aware of our presence but seemed the least but worried or afraid. Eventually it stopped just 4 or 5 meters away from us, lay down and started chewing on a bone of some sort.

It was absolutely amazing! It was not bothered at all about us being there, even when we started talking and taking photographs of it. After about five minutes of bone chewing it stood up and casually walked away.

It was by the best animal sighting we had that morning. The bush is always full of surprises.


Cats said...

Hyenas are such intelligent creatures. And they are good hunters and brave animals too, contrary to popular opinion. This is a great encounter you had!

Fani said...

I love to read your stories ...It is like I'm there ...Almost I can see what you are writing ...Thanks for sharing those with everyone ..
Hyenas are always a great sighting at cams ...but the best of them was when a buffalo died in front of the Nkorho Pan and they took part at the big feast ...I love their sounds ...too many different vocals ..I hope one day I will record them ...